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Latest Teachings


WHAT IS FORGIVENESS???  HOW TO FORGIVE AND STILL HAVE HEALTHY BOUNDARIES. First, let’s visit what forgiveness is NOT. Forgiveness is NOT FORBEARANCE.  Forbearance is patiently enduring a provocation, overlook a slight, or maintain self-control in the face of frustration. Forbearance causes us to weight someone’s sinful action or attitude with love, wisdom, and discernment and choose not to respond.   Forgiveness is also NOT FORGETTING. Forgiveness is also NOT ELIMINATING CONSEQUENCES.         Even though we are forgiven already, there are consequences…


The law says… I will carry my end and I will bless you if you carry your end.  If you don’t carry your end, I will curse you GRACE  says… I will carry my end and then come and carry your end and treat you as if you carried your end yourself Old Covenant – 613 Laws NEW COVENANT – 2 LAWS FAITH – BELIEVE THAT GOD IS WHO HE SAYS HE IS  (ROMANS 10:9) LOVE – LOVE GOD WITH…

Living Out Sonship Under the New Covenant

Living Out Sonship Under the New Covenant Imagine… story of living in a broken down home driving a broken down car – offered luxury and you turn it down…  it’s too good to be true Why would anyone go with the old when there’s something new available? This is how so many believers are living in the Kingdom of God. There is a completely NEW arrangement that God has made that is so beyond belief and people reject it because…

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Keeping Focus

What does it mean to stay focused on Gods will? Simply put, it means faith. Faith is the foundation for building an unmovable structure. But faith alone cannot accomplish much without focus and determination and real effort. In this post, let’s discuss what it means to have focus and diligence even through the fire and flames. As any child of God will tell you, when you are on the right path you will be met with opposition. It is our…
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Join a Small Group

Small Group FAQ Here are some frequently asked questions about Small Groups. Have more questions? Email us at staff@cornerstonelighthouse.com why small groups are important We never know how important our connections may be. In small groups we have an opportunity to create lasting connections with God’s people. These friendship can help us grow in the spirit when we invest ourselves in a small group. For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith — and this is not…

God on the Mountain

“Standing on the mountain I was suddenly aware of how much Father loves me. My life has not been the same since then.”

Pursuing the MORE...

There’s more to living out our true identity than simply “doing all the things”… or, waiting until that One Glorious Day.
In God’s infinite existence, His desire is for us to live Kingdom here and now. Jesus came to give us abundant life so that we live out Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

All God’s children should live out of their true identity — No guilt. No Shame. — and watch as lives are changed as God’s love spills over into our community.