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Deceived by the Masses

Deceived by the Masses

A Word from Shawn…

In this day and age, information and context is and will continue to be skewed and influenced by demonic presences, by those whom would share such things, at a global and high rate of speed. Being able to differentiate between the right and wrong can sometimes be quite the challenge for those seeking the heart of Abba father but are still infantile in their journey. It is imperative to those whom are wounded and scared from that journey to be lifted up by the angels that father God send into their life, but alas, some may take the hand of the blind and malnourished to be lead astray.

Matthew 15:14
Let them alone; they are blind guides. And if the blind lead the blind, both will fall into a pit.”

Abba Fathers’ children speak with authority, these whom are blind and malnourished do not hold the power to withstand. It is our right and privilege to lift them from their graves; as kings and queens of the Kingdom of God. Reflect for a moment, if you will, the faces and hearts that travel the roads before you and behind you. Use your empathy and guidance to cast out the demons that may plague them whatever they may be. Not through a judgmental or chastising spirit, but though the power of your authority in this life.


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