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Wealth with God


  1. Alice Freeman

    You can not imagine how offended I am by your “not your granddaddy’s religion” sign and (despite your saying it is not…) your own version of prosperity gospel. It may grow YOUR church but it will not grow God’s church.

  2. Alice Freeman

    So if you moderate the conversation, that’s just another form of lying. So… so far I am unimpressed with what you advocate as Christianity. Wealth with God- just like he blessed Jesus and the apostles with all that wealth?

  3. Local Loves Yoursign

    Perception is a funny, fickle thing. Jesus didnt need money he had powerful magic instead. I dont want to go to a church my Grand Daddy went to. I dont like old hymns. I think the sign Rocks! God sure made us all different The sign doesnt say Your Grand Daddys church was Bad or Wrong. To me it says New & Young & Old are all welcome to our Service.

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