What to Expect

What to Expect

Welcome to Cornerstone Lighthouse!

We are a body of believers that radically follow Jesus!

What you can expect from our family?

  • Concert style worship
    • Free style worship with plenty of room to dance, pray, or just lay in the floor if you like… During the music portion of service, feel free to worship ever how you feel led, see fit, or prefer… It’s a completely organic and intimate occasion.
  • During worship, and all through the service, actually…
    • Communion is available at will.
    • Oils are available for anointing, prayer, etc.
    • “Hot-Seats” are open.
      • “Hot-Seats” are seats to the side of the auditorium up front and are available to anyone who needs or would like prayer.
      • If you go and sit in the “Hot-Seat” SOMEONE WILL come pray for you.
    • Offering Boxes are placed throughout the auditorium and building.
      • We believe gifts and offerings are an intimate and personal act of worship between you and the Father.
      • At anytime throughout the service, feel free to worship with your gifts and offerings at any of the offering boxes located throughout the auditorium and building.
      • We love to see the Holy Spirit activating the artistic skills and know-how of our people. You will see artists using their craft during service through Prophetic Art. If you are an artist and want to experience Prophetic Art during one of our services, bring your brushes, pencils, pens, clay… whatever your medium of choice is… and join us! Can’t wait to see what you create!
  • Non-judgmental. EVERYONE is welcome; regardless of your socioeconomic status, your past, and even your present.
  • No guilt-trip or shaming.
  • No dress code. Wear what is comfortable.
    • Just please wear something – no nudity – and cover those personal bits, please!
  • The love of Jesus, Connection with the Father, and the Power of the Holy Spirit

Every Sunday we offer coffee and a light breakfast prior to service. After service, we stay to eat lunch together in the dining hall. We encourage you to join us for lunch – EVEN IF IT’S YOUR FIRST VISIT – don’t feel awkward or weird, we’d LOVE to serve you a meal and get to know you better! THERE’S ALWAYS MORE THAN ENOUGH FOOD!!!