Brannon and Rebecca Massey are the Senior Leaders at Cornerstone Lighthouse.

Brannon and Rebecca have been in ministry for about 20 years. From marketplace ministry, marriage counseling, to one-on-one mentorship, their love for people shines through as they invest time, effort, and resources to help individuals break free from bondage and discover their true identity, value, and worth.

Having a strong history in leadership with the home-church movement, their hearts align with the concept to “do church differently” where the focus is on building relationships, developing community, living Kingdom realities here on earth, and less on the “box.”

We exist to serve others through Biblical insight that stimulates excellence in all that we do, all that we touch, all that enter our doors, and all relationships.  While we did not seek out this particular circumstance, ministry, or whatever you want to call it… we have had a passion to help others and set them free from bondage and live out their true identity for many years.  We have a message and a charge to help set people free and live out the life Jesus died for; a life of abundance, one of blessing and authority, apart from the law, and freely expressed through the New Covenant.  To bring Heaven here on earth. This message, or philosophy, was Spiritually birthed and revealed many years ago.  Throughout our careers, and our walk of life, we have implemented these truths in our organizations.  Now, we are in a position where the organization itself demands this type of leadership.  In many ways, we were made for this.

– Brannon & Rebecca Massey